Ducking Responsibility

Helen Clark was just on Breakfast TV and as usual tried to dodge responsibility over Hawkins. When asked if he would remain a Minister after the election, she said it was a decision for the Caucus, not for her. Oh what crap. Everyone knows she recommends to Caucus who they elect and Caucus would not fail to re-elect Hawkins unless she told them to. I can’t believe she, as PM, won’t even take responsibility for keeping him on.

She also went for the sympathy angle pulling out the George once had a stroke, and the nasty MPs are bullies who pick on him. Oh what a load of twaddle. Holding a Minister to account is now called bullying. Has she forgotten her destruction of Tuku Morgan?

People don’t want Hawkins sacked as Police Minister because he stutters when speaking. They want him sacked because he says stupid things such as women are more scared of a speeding driver than of being raped. You can’t blame that statement on once having had a stroke.

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