Helen wants more tax rises

Dear Helen is not content with overtaxing New Zealanders by $7 billion a year with her increases in income tax and around (at last count) 21 other taxes and levies.

A Swedish newspaper quotes the Swedish PM on his discussions with Helen. The page is in Swedish but according to Ruth on NZ Political Comments it roughly translates to “Clark’s explained that the reason NZ tax rates are not as high as Sweden’s is historical, the social democrats have not been in power long enough yet”.

Now I do not speak Swedish, so it is possible the newspaper actually said “Clark explained that she wants to sack Hawkins but Goff won’t let me” and Ruth is having fun scaring us. However an online translator tool tends to agree with her version.

So what is this Swedish model that Helen would like to implement if re-elected. It is:

Income tax rates from 46% to 60%
A house tax of 1.2%
Death Tax
VAT (GST) of up to 25%
Payroll Tax of 33%

So perhaps a brave journalist could ask Helen at her press conference which tax she will be increasing or introducing if re-elected, as she told her mate the Swedish PM.

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