NCEA meltdown continues

The Secondary Principals’ Association has called for an independent inquiry into NCEA to prevent a repeat of the scholarship “debacle” and restore .

However David Benson-Pope is refusing on the basis of not wanting to apportion blame at this stage. Yeah bet he doesn’t, but don’t you think perhaps fixing a system which has done over several thousand students is worth doing.

The SPA points out it was snubbed by NZQA when it offered to work on a committee overseeing implementation of scholarship.

The Herald also has a very useful column by 18 year old Cameron Stuart exposes the marking system used, and how it is.

And to top it off we have a checker saying the exam checking process was a disaster waiting to happen.

So we have principals, teachers, students, exam checkers, and parents all saying the system has broken down and needs fixing, a but Minister who is doing a King Canute and refusing to have an independent inquiry.

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