New road rules

The NZ Herald has a useful summary of the new road rules which came into effect from yesterday.

One of the new rules, I have good grounds to support.

“Buses carrying passengers will not be allowed to move at any time the bus doors are open. At present the doors may be open within 50m of stopping but not when the bus moves off. “

When I was 11, I was on my school bus coming into Island Bay and at the door waiting to get off. The driver opened the doors while pulling into the bus stop, and a surge behind me pushed me out the bus door. I bounced off a car parked at the back of the bus stop, and went under the back wheel of the bus.

A ten tonne bus is very heavy as it passes over you. I am informed my yell of pain could be heard for some distance. And that was having it go over my leg only.

Being a good capitalist I of course limped around my Evening Post paper run to earn my few dollars of income, and then headed to the medical centre to report that my foot and leg hurt as a bus had run over them.

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