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I am flying out to Kyoto, Japan in a few hours to attend the 2005 Asia-Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT).

I get back to NZ Sunday week. I expect that there will be fairly good Internet connectivity at the conference, so blogging should continue, but not until tomorrow.

APRICOT is in fact not just one meeting but almost a dozen meetings all held under the one banner. I am attending meetings of APCAUCE (anti-spam), APTLD (domain names), APNIC (IP addresses) as well as general workshop and conference sessions on issues ranging from DNSSEC to IPv6 to E-Govt to Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).

If I wasn’t at Kyoto I would have been plotting world domination at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington hoping to get a date with Jenna Bush 🙂

And talking of politics, an interesting cost/benefit analysis of the Kyoto Protocol is here. The cost to date has been $1.32 billion and potential temperature saving by 2050 is 0.000013717

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