Olivia’s inappropriate feelings for me

Over on Dog Biting Men, I was startled to read that my mystery stalker has in fact been Olivia Kember.

Olivia confesses to having inappropriate feelings toward me and stalking me dressed as a schoolgirl.

I’m flattered Olivia, and if I lived in Auckland would definitely be happy to be inappropriate, but alas that would breach my new year’s resolutions so it just is not meant to be.

However the Whig is single, has lots of time now he has stopped blogging, and is known to like the school girl fetish. Perhaps you could set up a double date with Ben?

Lots of love

David P Farrar

(And no the P is not Priapus, but a secret so closely guarded that the Otago University Orientation Magazine in 1987 ran a full page competition for readers to guess what it stood for.)

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