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My ever growing network of spies and informants tell me that the issue of the next ACT MP, if one should retire before the election, is not quite settled.

It was reported that Paul King had agreed to not accept a list place if it comes up, but it seems he is still keen.

As I understand it the letter Mr King sent to the ACT Board last year said “Therefore I wish to change my membership status to one of supporter for the next year so I can make it clear to the Party and other members I am focussed on other things at present but my heart is still with the ACT Party and its ideals”.

Now the Party took this as a resignation and marked him accordingly. But Mr King has tried to both change back to a normal status, and as a back up pay to rejoin again but the board has used its powers to refuse him membership.

So does saying I wish to become a supporter count as a resignation? And can one refuse to let someone rejoin just because they have previously resigned? Will it end in court?

Updates will be provided as they are leaked to me 🙂

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