The Wananga scandal

Ken Shirley has set out in a speech, a devastating indictment of the Government over the Wananga funding scandal. Go read the full speech.

The funding for Te Wananga O Aotearoa is not only now higher than any “other” university in NZ, but is over half the size of the Government spend on pre-school. Almost all the research shows that one can do the most good at pre-school, and that entire sector gets less than double this one institution with 350 cars, hotels, pubs etc etc.

Shirley concludes by calling for a High Court judge to hold a public inquiry, saying Trevor Mallard merely being “concerned” no longer cuts it. Hear hear.

However Trevor appears to be looking for excuses not to hold an inquiry on the grounds that Auditor-General would be insulted by having another inquiry set up. What miserable spin because he concedes in the next paragraph that the possible ownership of assets by the trusts associated with the wananga, is out of the purview of the Auditor General.

Rodney has also got some good quotes from Labour MPs announcing extra funding for TWOA.

Let’s all remember how Labour crucified Christine Rankin over spending $250,000 on a training conference for staff, the uproar over a few hundred thousand dollars on golden handshakes in tourism etc. And they have presided over a level of corruption and waste 100 to 1,000 times greater.

Everytime Cullen or Clark say there is no way at all they can afford to reduce taxes for New Zealanders, make sure you remember this and vote them into oblivion.

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