Enjoying Auckland

I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Auckland, as InternetNZ had several meetings up there. Did my usual foray into Borders and emerged with only three books – well under my record of 11 in a single visit!

Had lunch with Russell Brown at the New Gallery Cafe. It was the first time we had actually met each other, despite having ‘known’ each other for almost ten years through Usenet, Internet issues and blogs.

The INZ meetings were very good. In the legal and reg area there is the Telecommunications Act review, the Patents Act Review and the pending anti-spam legislation, along with the recent decision by the Telecommunications Commissioner on whether ISPs will be liable to pay a share of the Kiwshare or TSO costs. The good news is ISPs will not have to pay.

Meetings finished at 5 pm so got to experience the joy of Auckland peak traffic – the taxi to the airport cost $90 as we spent so much time standing still!

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