Shop Trading Restrictions

Today is one of those days where busy body MPs have seen fit to make shopping illegal. Good Friday was another.

I have no problem with a law which says employees can not be forced to work on public holidays (unless an essential industry). But the reality is many many employees would love the chance to earn money at 250% of their normal rate.

We have this outraegous situation, where we have a law to prevent the following:

1) An employee wishing to earn more money by working; and
2) An employer wishing to earn more money by opening their business; and
3) Customers who wish to spend some of their day shopping

And big old nanny state says no we know what is best for you. You the customer are not allowed to shop today. Never mind that instead one may just stay inside and watch TV – Parliament says you may not shop.

Of course the law is full of inconsistencies anyway as it allows certain shops to open, and also allows certain areas to open, but as always the garden shops are the ones whoi get the fines for the horrendous offence of actually providing employment to their staff, and allowing customers to you know the awful crime of buying plants and flowers.

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