The problem gets worse

Despite making lots of noise, the reality is the Government has not changed a thing with regards to tertiary funding, and we read that Te Wananga o Aotearoa is getting almost $6 million for a free English course.

The course has little contact with tutors, and is mainly based on self learning through CDs. This does not cost $6,000 per student. It is basically a scaled down version of the Chch Cool IT scam/course.

Unlimited EFTS funding for the tertiary sector is simply not workable. The Government needs to look at doing three things:

1) Not funding any course which is not part of the national qualifications framework.

2) Restrict EFTS funding to courses which actually involve significant teaching staff, with minimum staff:student rations and hours. Other courses could be funded on a cost plus basis to minimise incentive to devise the cheapest possible course to make the most possible money from the taxpayer.

3) Refuse to fund any course which does not charge a fee, to avoid institutions signing up ‘students’ in hamburger bars etc.

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