An okay film, a bad restaurant but still a good night

Ten and I went to see Raise Your Voice last night. Yes, of course she picked the movie as it is a total chick flick. However Hilary Duff is hot so I agreed to watch it. As my gym trainer commented to me, she can always get her boyfriend to watch a chick flick, as long as the girls are hot. Us men are kind of easy to manipulate that way.

However movie was pretty lame and predictable. A few funny moments, but not many.

Afterwards we went to Satay India on Allen Street which does Indian and Malaysian cuisine. It has gone significantly downhill from when it was Satay Malaysia. They did not have the Pinot we requested (when you only list six red wines I expect them all to be available), and they did not pour the replacement wine out for us, just placing it on the table. Small things, but service is important.

Also the quantity of rice with a main course was woeful. We had to order extra bowls, and to make it worse the rice was almost cold. Apart from that food was okay, but I would not return as so many other places do Indian food better.

Despite movie and food was still a great night out, especially as it had been 62 days since we last went out. Life has been getting seriously too busy. On Friday I had a catch-up lunch with an old friend I had not seen for two years!

Actually has been a good month for old friends. Had a phone call from John C who I went to university with 15 years ago, after he saw my Herald interview and one of my best friends (Michael K) from university has just moved back to Wellington after years abroad and I ran into him on the street. I once sent John C a joke defamation lawsuit against him when he co-edited the hostel magazine one year, and very humourous but unflattering allegations were made against me. He sent me back a defence of clinical insanity. Oh the good old days of university.

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