Detectives behind speed cameras

The madness continues. George Hawkins has backed the use of senior police detectives for traffic duty.

It’s one thing to divert ordinary police officers to traffic duties, but how on earth can one justify having senior detectives manning speed traps. Mad, mad, mad.

There are a huge number of stories on the Police issue today. I wonder if Labour are going to blame them all on Mark Blumsky’s campaign committee!!!

* documents show police failed to investigate a fraud complaint which alleged a former staff member had embezzled more than $100,000.

* police were becoming “saddened and disillusioned” by the reduction in the numbers of experienced investigators.

* one day last month all CIB staff in a region, plus those on general duties, were pulled off criminal investigations to man checkpoints for a seatbelt enforcement campaign.

* another detective has confirmed crime figures were being “deliberately manipulated to show both an increased resolution level and a decrease in reported crime

* After eight break-ins in as many months a Christchurch businessman has put up a sign saying “If you are caught in this yard, don’t whinge when you need KNEECAP SURGERY!”

* Hawkins and Commissioner Robinson basically blame each other for lack of police in Wellington.

* Lower Hutt police say their safety is at risk because of overwork, understaffing and a frontline force made up largely of new recruits

* And NZ First claim they will double police numbers. Yeah Right.

There seems to be a growing consensus that the issue is not as simple as merely the number of police, but the priorities being set for them.

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