I don’t know why, but I have always disliked being referred to by my surname only. I guess it comes from having gone to an all boys school, where teachers used it to talk down to you.

I basically never refer to people by their surname only. My main problem is that I abbreviate friends’ names without permissions. Juliet becomes Jules, Nicola Nikki, Belinda Be, Lucy Luse, Megan Megs or I give them a nickname – Boothie, Frithie, Miss Ten, Stats Girl etc.

Anyway as I am having a retentive week this week, here is my naming guide:




David Farrar
David P. Farrar
Sir David


Mr Farrar

And yes I am retentive enough that in real life I actually correct friends who refer to me as Farrar. Some of them need correcting far more than others, right Miss Ten?

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