“National’s dream candidate”

The front page of today’s Dominion Post has a teaser headlined “National’s dream candidate”, going on to say “An ex-mayor has Labour running scared in Wellington Central”.

Note that is not me saying Labour are scared, but the newspaper. I think that the “dream” description belongs to me though. And no not that sort of dream!! 🙂

The entire Page 10 is given up to a profile of the seat and of Mark. I hope Tracy Watkins and Fairfax will forgive me the minor copyright breach by including it below (it is not online). As I am quoted several times I’m sure the Berne convention on copyright allows me some liberty 🙂

I think it is a pretty fair and balanced article. For once the media under-estimated numbers (I have the sales receipts to prove it) but the key aspect the article picked up on is how “young faces outnumber the old” which does reflect the broad cross-party appeal Mark has.


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