NZ PM rejects terrorist demands


NZ PM David Farrar is responding to a video tape delivered to NZ TV broadcasters, in which a unknown terrorist group has offered to make NZ exempt from attack if we abandon Australia. A transcript of the tape is attached.

“This terrorist group is trying to divide and conquer, and I know New Zealanders will want us to have no part of that game. We stand side by side with Australia, and back Australian PM Brain’s handling of these terror attacks 100%.”

“This group does not speak for Muslims and Islam. They are totally untrustworthy cowardly killers, whom do not even deserve a formal reply. My only interest is working with Australia to bring these killers to justice”


In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful, the fighters in the war of truth send greetings to the peaceful people of New Zealand.

We have admired your nation’s principled stands for justice in the past.
New Zealand has shown insight and courage in standing up to the sinister machinations of the Zionists and their terrorist spies. You have seen through the lies of the Jews in your midst, who attack their own graves so they could blame the Muslims.

You have courageous leaders who are not afraid to challenge the false history spread by the Jews about the so-called “holocaust”, and this has been observed and appreciated by right-thinking believers worldwide.

You have shown wisdom and understanding in supporting the rights of the martyred Palestinian people, and their just demand to live in dignity on the soil of Islamic Palestine. And you have shown true solidarity with the downtrodden Muslim people by refusing to send your sons to fight in the Zionist-inspired war against the Iraqi people.

We have therefore been saddened and confused by the way in which your leader, David Farrar, seems to have become a puppet controlled from Washington and Tel Aviv. His intemperate outbursts, and disrespectful treatment of the independent and sovereign nation of Indonesia have caused pain to the Ummah.

Let us speak to you clearly and plainly, as did the Prophet (pbuh) to the tribes who wished to live in peace with the Muslims. If you show us peace, we shall show you peace. We vow we shall never harm the nation of New Zealand for this reason.

O New Zealanders, you may regard yourselves as resting in safety under the protection of God because of your righteousness and mercy to Muslims. Let not one deluded man, under the sway for foreigners and Jews, place you outside the tent of Divine Protection.

We entreat you therefore to shun the Australian path, the path of insult and confrontation. The path of disrespect and contempt. Be at peace under the protection of God, and know true security from all harm forever.

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