Blumsky rejects Hobbs pork barrel politics

Marian Hobbs ‘challenged’ Mark to state where he stands on the public service, as reported on Jordan’s blog.

To be consistent I should include the response Mark has released where he rejecting the US-style pork barrel politics of Labour.


The National Party’s Wellington Central candidate, Mark Blumsky is rejecting the US-style pork barrel politics espoused by Labour’s Marian Hobbs.

Ms Hobbs seems to be saying that unnecessary jobs should be retained, purely because they are in her (current) electorate. This is the worst aspect of US system, where politicians put their own interests ahead of the national interest.

“I am ambitious for Wellington Central. Certainly we want a strong public service, and the majority of public servants are doing a very valuable job.

“But I want a city which also has a vibrant private sector, a vibrant culture, decent roads and a voice for Wellington,” says Mark Blumsky.

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