Local MPs working together

It’s good to see MPs from different parties working together, for their local areas. You had Sue Kedgley, Mark Blumsky and Marian Hobbs combining to lobby for retaining the Wellington trolley buses.

Now, and more unusually, both Marian and Mark have criticised a Government decision as “crazy” and “shafting” Wellington.

It all relates to a grant for building a visitor and education centre at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. You see the Government in June launched a “Significant Community Based Projects Fund”. And it launched it at, of all places, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary with the PM specifically saying it was the sort of project the $32 million fund aimed to help.

So it is little surprise the local MPs feel “embarrassed and hurt”, as having the PM launch the fund at your project and hold your project up as what the fund was designed for, yet then not be successful with your application.

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