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Well Marian Hobbs was in the news yesterday. First of all the Dom Post editoral incorrectly stated she had announced some months ago she was retiring, and then Financial Review revealed she had threatened to resign her seat last week.

It’s all related to the Cabinet decision not to approve a grant to the Karori Sanctuary, despite the fact Marian lobbied for the fund to be set up specifically for cases such as the sanctuary, the PM launched the fund there, and lauded the sanctuary as an example of why the fund was created.

I should point out that of the dozen or so people I have discussed issue with, everyone without exception has said they feel 100% that Marian has been absolutely hard done by, and that they would be appalled in the same situation. And this is not meant politically or way of condecension – more shock that the political management of the grants has been so lacking. There is genuine sympathy for the position Marian has been placed in.

As Colin Espiner notes in , two possible resignations in the same week, is a mess for the .

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