Hysterical Hipkins

Newshub reports:

He [Hipkins] said the government had only been in office for six months, and “the wheels are falling off already”.

This is beyond stupid. Hipkins claims taking two portfolios away from Ministers who were seen to be struggling is the wheels are falling off.

In the first few months of last year, we saw his Government have:

  • The PM resign
  • The Minister of Justice sacked/resigned after being charged with drink driving and not co-operating with Police after she crashed her car
  • Stuart Nash sacked for leaking Cabinet discussions and multiple prior warnings
  • Michael Wood sacked after being told 12 times to sell shares he had a ministerial conflict over
  • A Minister defect to Te Pati Maori.
  • Phil Twyford demoted
  • Three Ministers dropped as they were retiring at the election

For Hipkins to talk about a wheels dropping off, is hilarious.

Opposition Leaders often fall into the trap of thinking they have to try and turn everything into a scandal, and make overly dramatise everything as the end of the world etc. This mainly works by turning the public off the Opposition Leader.

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