Mallard does his usual act

The more badly the PM has stuffed up, the more ferocious the defence is.

Trevor Mallard did one of his usual performances yesterday when he claimed, under parliamentary privilege, former Commissioner Doone was drunk and interfered with the constable who breath tested his partner.

Labour are desperate to make Doone, not Clark, the issue. This is a red herring. As I have previously said (and the NZ Herald) one can form the view that Doone’s actions meant he could not continue, however it was still incredibly unethical and inappropriate to misrepresent the contents of confidential reports to a newspaper as a way to pressure him.

I also opine that if Mallard really has evidence that Doone was drunk and actively interfered with a police constable, then why did the Government not sack him, rather than give him a six month golden handshake?

Clark insisted in the house that all she would have done is tell the SST that details of the incident are contested. This is at total variance with what the reporter has said and I suspect the transcripts or the actual tapes will reveal this.

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