Nowhere in the world are people so over-taxed

The Government accounts for the nine months to 31 March 2005 have just come out, and they confirm that New Zealanders are being more over-taxed than arguably any other country on earth, at any point in history.

The surplus for just nine months is a huge $8.0 billion. And this is off tax revenue of just $35.7 billion. This is over-taxation by 22.4% Even taking into account the surplus needed for the super fund and you have greater than 18%.

Surpluses should be around 1% to 2%, once debt is down to a low level. This level of surplus is almost unprecedented throughout the world, and the fact Labour refuse to consider tax cuts shows that they have an ideological antipathy towards ever ever ever giving taxpayers some of their taxes back. The surplus could be $50 billion and they would still refuse to give a cent back.

There will be only one way to get some of your money back, and that is to elect a National-led Government.

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