Student March & Protest

VUWSA President Jeremy is encouraging Victoria students to come and join the protest march on Tuesday, to demand an end to fee increases and a decent pay increase for university staff. Never mind that the two demands are almost contradictory!

Second year student Anna disagrees and expresses shall we say more than mild disapproval at her fellow students demanding more free money from the Government.

Anna’s advice for her fellow students includes:

* We don’t need more wanky university students who lazed around sipping their subsidised by student union cheap coffee discussing how evil right wingers are and how communism just needed to be given a chance.

* Why don’t we give everyone who leaves high school $50,000 to do as they please? Why should only university students get that kind of money?

* How many university students volunteer? And no, I don’t mean putting up posters saying “Save the mucus produced by slugs attached to the spotted green Baloogo plant which only grows on the left side of shady trees in north Peru”.

She concludes by saying “Instead of going to Parliament and presenting ‘a list of your demands’ how about you go help out at a rest home for an afternoon, help kids with their homework, visit volunteer Wellington. When you are actually contributing to society in a healthy way, not by throwing up in the Cuba Mall fountain, then the government should look at whether you need more money put your way.”

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