The lies start

Wow that did not take long. Having mucked up its own budget so badly, Labour are now telling lies about what National will do.

In the Dominion Post, Dr Cullen says “National can’t propose large-scale tax cuts without large-scale expenditure decrease at the same time”. This is absolute lies of course. First of all one could for example deliver $6 billion of tax cuts over three years without even touching expenditure. It is simply known as a smaller surplus. And you know both this year and next year it is going to be $8 billion or so.

And *even* if National did propose different levels of expenditure to Labour (which I hope they will), then even then it will not be expenditure cuts but merely a slower level of future expenditure increases. And considering the appaling quality of so much of the extra spending to date under Labour, this would be a good thing as one may end up getting better results.

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