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have to say I am very impressed with the ACT Party List. I actually like pretty much all the ACT (Donna was the sole exception, and that comes from an incident before she got into legal difficulties), but Heather Roy is a special favourite, and it is great to see her at No 2.

Graham Scott is a guy with a very impressive track record behind him, and would make a significant contribution to a .

If ACT manage 5%, then they will get six MPs – Rodney, Heather, Muriel, Stephen and Ken plus Graham Scott. All would be a loss to Parliament if they don’t make it.

I don’t think it is any secret that ACT would be my preferred coalition partner for National. However having said that they need to get to 5% on their own. If they continue to poll at 2% or so then I doubt they will make it, however if during the campaign they lift their support to over 4%, then I suspect people will not want to see that much centre-right vote wasted and they get pushed to over 5%.

Just so there is no ambiguity though, I am not suggesting National supporters should vote tactically. To get a change of Government National needs to outpoll Labour, especially as United Future has said they will first offer support to the largest party.

So I’d love ACT to be in Parliament, but that will depend on their own support base.

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