Apple Protest March

Orchardists marched on Wellington yesterday to protest that the Government was only referring the Australian ban on NZ apples to a committee, rather than to a formal dispute procedure. What they find especially galling is that they know that the chance of winning, if a formal dispute is advocated, is even higher than the chance that George Hawkins will ever be Prime Minister.

So knowing we have a great case, which we are guaranteed to win, they are understandably upset the Government is refusing to stand up for them.

After marching on Parliament they also marched to the Australian High Commission, which happens to be next door to where I live. The irony is that the Commission staff were really looking forward to the protest, because they had been told a box of NZ apples was going to be handed over. Said staff were very keen on the idea of free yummy apples for a couple of weeks 🙂

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