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This post by Bren, persuaded me to go visit Brian Tamaki’s website which is at the modestly styled

Now I don’t know where to start. Perhaps with calling the media a modern day witchcraft. Now I’ve certainly heard one or two of the female press gallery reporters referred to as bitches, but never as witches.

Then he declares we have an evil government. I am more charitable and prefer to think of them as merely misguided. But Bishop Tamaki declares they are evil because not all of their MPs would swear on the bible, and one even swore on the Koran. Well I am not the greatest fan of Islam around, but I actually liked the fact that Ashrad Choudary swore on the Koran as a nice reflection of a diverse society.

Tamaki attacks Peter Dunne for voting for the Homosexual Law Reform Bill in 1986. So I presume he wants people to be jailed for homosexual activity, as was the case before the law changed.

He is coming to Wellington (actually Lower Hutt) on 8 July. What a pity I will be overseas as would love to go along and ask some questions.

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