Greens get personal

The NZ Herald reports how one of their retiring MPs, and it seems a number of members, feels the party dilutes it environmental message with its focus on cannablis law reform and Maori rights.

They also report how the Greens who pride themselves on policies not personalities have thrown that away and basically called Don Brash a sexist and racist. Sigh!

“Women understand that in Don Brash’s … vision of New Zealand, their rightful place is in the kitchen”

I’d like to be around when someone tells Judith Collins that, whom he has promoted. Just because both the demoted MPs were women, makes it ludicrous to suggest he thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen. He rolled Bill English as Leader, and Bill is a man, so does that make him anti-man? What drivel.

Fitzsimons also said “Dr Brash also wanted all Maori to be just like Pakeha in every respect”

Really – I must have missed that. But hey let’s just make it up and portray your oppoents as racist and sexist rather than you know actually debate policies.

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