More on Kyoto stuff-up

It has been amusing to see the Government defenders out on this issue. I’ll start with Russell.

Russell says that it is only half a billion or so, and that is chicken feed – not worth getting worked up over. He says that up until 2012 the Government will spend $430 billion so hey what’s a billion between friends.

I could not ask for a better example of why we need a change of attitude and Government in this country.

And also if I wanted to be pedantic I would point out that comparing a cost over five years with total government expenditure over eight years is shonky.

Russell also says that the Government has done nothing wrong at all. It is not their fault the forecast was wrong. Hmmmn. So Russell is saying there is no blame to be attached to making a decision based on wrong information. Hmmn.

What analogy could I think of. I’ve got it. This one. BUSH LIED! BUSH LIED! BUSH LIED!

Well yes this is what the left cried out when it turned out the “forecasts” of Iraqi WMDs were wrong. I’m glad to see that Russell now admits Bush did nothing wrong.

Personally I think making major decisions which cost NZ billions of dollars, based on wrong information is a big deal. If a forecast has a margin of error, then that should be noted. However this outcome is well well outside the forecast worst scenario. And Labour has been sitting on this for months. And as even Frog says, Labour kept trying to sell Kyoto as a money-maker.

However Frog goes off the deep end when it croaks “Humanity

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