National Billboards

Okay have below copies of the eight versions of the 100 or so billboards which have gone up around the country. And these ones are confirmed official!

The NZ Herald has a story on them.

My favourite one is the Cut one closely followed by the one. The nice thing about there being a variety of them is people actually start to look out for them, and see if they can spot one they haven’t yet seen. Only readers here will get to see them all at once 🙂

They are converted from pdfs which has reduced the image quality on some. They look much better in real life!

Perhaps should run a poll on which ones people like best?

Cabs Cops Billboard.JPG

Excuses Exams Billboard.JPG

Health Spending Billboard.JPG

Iwi Kiwi Billboard.JPG

Tax Cut Billboard.JPG

Violent Criminals Billboard.JPG

Welfare Billboard.JPG

Who Decides Billboard.JPG

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