NZ First Treaty Policy

NZ First has released its Treaty of Waitangi policy, and for once I have to say not too much I disagree with.

If National does end up in a coalition with NZ First, this is one area where Peters may be useful because to be blunt a Maori MP can say things like ‘while appropriate in some cases, powhiri had become “costly token gestures, with a rent-a-kaumatua to cheapen both the integrity of the Maori involved and often cause discomfort for those who have to sit through it”.’ without being called a racist.

Personally I usually enjoy having a Maori dimension to conferences. I absolutely love the Maori version of the National Anthem. But sometimes one almost gets blackmailed into having a powhiri for any public event, and as Peters says they become token gestures.

I’m also not quite as extreme as to say one should abolish all education for Government employees on the Treaty. There is a happy medium between the current gravy train, and saying the Treaty is of no consequence at all for Government. But I’d say 90% of it is unnecessary.

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