Wilson lets Benson-Pope off

I have to say I was naive, and never for a second did I consider the Speaker may not refer the Benson-Pope issue to the Privileges Committee, but she has refused.

I thought it was beyond dispute that it would go to the Privileges Committee, as the facts were so clear cut. DBP denied some very specific allegations in the House, and since then several former students have come forward to say they were true.

It is in no way the Speaker’s job to decide who is telling the truth. That is for the Committee to consider. But when faced with numerous witnesses saying that DBP lied to the House, it really is unthinkable that the issue would not be referred for consideration. I can’t think of a more clear-cut case for referral.

I thought Speaker Hunt was the most partisan Speaker ever, but as Rodney says a new low has been set. This really is shameful.

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