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At the cocktail party on Tuesday in DC, the following conversation took place between myself and a staffer from one of the family values thinktanks. There were around half a dozen people in the circle. I think it speaks for itself:

Staffer: I’ve actually been to NZ.

DPF: Oh how come?

Staffer: I was an adviser to the Christian Heritage Party for one of their campaigns. They didn’t listen to my advice though, and hence didn’t make it.

DPF: Hmm, Christian Heritage.

DPF: Was Graham Capill the Leader for that campaign?

Staffer: Yeah he was.

DPF: Oh well he’s just been in the news in the last few weeks back in NZ.

Staffer: Oh what for?

DPF: He got sentenced to nine years jail for rape and abuse of young girls

Staffer: Oh my God, you are kidding

DPF: Nope, been the major story.

Staffer: So is it possible the accusations were just made because of the role he has? I mean it must be an occupational hazard.

DPF: Well he pleaded guilty to all charges, so I think we can assume they are true.

Staffer: Oh

DPF: But he did claim in mitigation that one of the girls had consented and she looked older than she was.

Staffer: How old was she?

DPF: Around eight years old

Staffer: Jesus Christ. You use that as a defence if you are 20 and she is 15, not if you are 50 and she is 8.

DPF: Yeah you would think so.

Staffer: God, I am so glad they didn’t listen to my advice and make it to Parliament. How horrible.

DPF: Yeah we’re pretty glad also.

DPF walks off.

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