Good Greens

The Greens have been very consistent on Zimbabwe. I praised Rod Donald back in April when he urged the Black Caps to pull out.

They deserve any poll boost from their principled stance on this issue.

Labour’s reaction on Zimbabwe has been shamleless exploitation for political gain, while shying away from actually doing anything. I blogged earlier this week that I now doubt they actually want a solution, as it would rob them of headlines.

I suggested one way out was the Government to simply pay the $2 million or so fine. National later in the week (great minds think alike 🙂 in fact came out and said the Government should pay the fine to allow the tour to be cancelled, and they will do so if in Government.

The Government has reacted as expected, not actually wanting the headlines to stop, spinning the issue. The Greens fisk the spin here.

The Greens also point out that Goff ignored the issue for 2.5 months, in fact at one stage refusing to even get legal advice on options saying “That is a matter for New Zealand Cricket itself.”

They sum up by saying “Umm, how do you spell flip-flop? How do you spell shameful spinning? How do you spell bald-faced opportunism?

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