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This is so lame it needs all the publicity it can get.

I think it is a tribute to the job Don Brash has done that he is attracting more personal attacks and abuse than anyone else in the last 30 years. There was never a demonise and must stop David Lange campaign, never a stop Bolger campaign, never a stop Moore or Clark campaign such as the campaign against Brash.

As for the retarded idiot who came up with George W Brash, I mean can’t they be more original? I do like the sheer vitriol that blinds people that they compare a guy who is probably one of the most intelligent people in NZ, with a PhD, and 30 years experience as a successful chief executive with Bush.

The other irony is that Bush has been the most electorally successful President in recent history. He came from a dead heat in 2000 to a huge victory in the 2002 mid-terms and then in 2004 not only was he re-elected but they picked up seats in the House and Senate which happens around once every hundred years.

Anyway go read the site and promote it. The more non-partisan NZers who see it, the better it will be for Brash.

UPDATE: The site has been taken down just a few hours later. See Aaron for details. A pity as I think it actually helped Don Brash.

UPDATE 2: Some good sleuths have traced a link between the company which is the registered owner of the smear Brash site and the Office of the Prime Minister. See the details in the comments thread.

Also worth looking at this post at Sir Humphrey’s which highlights how it is most unlikely Helen Clark was surprised at Mallard’s mud slinging attack on Don Brash, as she had used the same lines, albeit it more diplomatically, a few days before Mallard did.

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