Nine Years

European time zones means I miss a lot of stuff during the day, so by now I am sure all have seen that Graham Capill got nine years in jail. Not far off my prediction of ten.

I presume the Judge was not swayed by the story in the Press which reveals Capill sent e-mails out in which he said that one of the girls he was convicted of raping was a willing participant. Said girl was aged between 8 and 12 at the time. So much for repentance.

Most creepy comment in hindsight was the quote in 2000 to the SST from his wife saying “People portray Graham as this straight, narrow boring guy but if they could see him when he’s playing with the kids, they’d see a different picture”.

The Press article reveals that two of the abused girls told Mrs Capill of what was happening, but she did not go to the Police.

I just hope Capill does not get out in three years, as he wants to. Personally NZ would be a better place if he was never heard of again.

UPDATE: Former CHP Justice Spokesperson Matthew Flannagan has done a release pointing out that under God’s law they should not be forgiving Capill, but hanging him.

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