Okay, well starting at the end I have just woken up and missed any chance of making my 930 am flight back to Wellington. This may have some small correlation to the fact that I got back to Heritage at 300 am and the only thing I can remember from last night is that I think there was some debate thingy.

I did ask for a 530 am wakeup call, and indeed did wake up for it. And then promptly fell asleep again. And now thanks to some rugby game in Wellington tomorrow I am stranded here until 430 pm.

Anyway back to after the debate. Simon Dallow very kindly gave me a tour around the studios and control rooms. I resisted the urge to sit in Judy Bailey’s chair 🙂

Also had an interesting conversation with Bill Ralston’s deputy (Steve someone) about the Leader’s Debates and whether studio audiences are a good idea for them. I confessed to having been a vocal participant in previous ones, but did in fact advocate that for at least the head on head two-leader debate that would be better with no audience. The eight-leader debate is always going to be a bit of a circus, so some extra entertainment helps, but the two-leader one is basically “Pick a PM’ time.

Turned on my cellphone and it went mad beeping with around 30 text messages. Thanks for all the feedback, even though the suggestions for what I should say were somewhat wasted as we were left under strict orders to not even have them on silent mode during the show.

The TVNZ and Frontpage staff went out for dinner and drinks afterwards, and myself and Business NZ CEO Phil O’Reilly tagged along. Was a great fun night. Richard Harman is always fascinating to chat to. Simon Dallow is so beloved by the staff he could set up a cult and tithe 10% (okay hyperbole but he is a very nice guy). Also fun chatting with Simon Pound and the other staffers.

Anyway we went to Praga first for dinner and wine. Afterwards we went to a bar in the CBD. For the life of me I can’t recall it, probably because that is when I transferred to Black Russians (don’t tell Winston he will think they are illegal immigrants). Somehow I managed to walk home, which was in doubt for a while.

Anyway thanks to TVNZ/Frontpage for asking me to take part. I enjoyed it heaps, and had a great night out afterwards. I must now watch the show – a friend has made a digital copy (don’t tell the IP lawyers) for me.

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