Okay it is probably a very bad idea to blog at 2.30 am when one is actually rather drunk, but I may forget everything after I go to bed.

Went to TVNZ building at 715 pm. They have a security gate which could be used in the Middle East. In fact TVNZ staff joked that Al Qaeda terrorists should use the other gate.

Had drinks and nibbles for an hour with other participants. Not sure if it is a good thing that I knew more of the union reps than the business reps. Engineers Union Secretary Andrew Little was NZUSA President when I was an aspiring student politician and the PSA Secretary, Richard Wagstaff, was on the same five day Institute of Directors course as me a couple of years ago.

I find out that we will not be live blogging the debate. It seems that for some reason TVNZ were worried about the security issues of allowing me access to their network. Hey I wound’t have snooped around – honest 🙂

On the way into the studio I met Simon Dallow. I mention I had the pleasure of meeting his wife Ali a few weeks ago. Simon mentions that I shouldn’t feel nervous, indicating he had read my blog in the last hour.

We all get seated in the studio. I was seated next to Business NZ CEO Phil O’Reilly. But Phil is a very tall chap, and having him in front of Rodney was not a workable plan, so eventually ended up with Rodney next to me. I am on the front row which is relatively disconcerting.

The official invite specified tidy casual as the dress code. Despite this many are in suits, thus leading to texts from Anna, Anna and Megan asking where my tie is!

Someone mentions it seems a bit disorganised as some people are missing just before we go to air, and I quip that one should expect nothing less from state TV. Steve Maharey responds that if it were not state owned, the debate wouldn’t be happening. Yeah and there would be no Christmas either.

Simon Dallow explains the rules of the debate, which is basically there are none. And then the debate is on.

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