Reason #52 to change the Government

Leaky Homes

The problem didn’t start under the Government, but at every step of the way their performance has been hugely unsatisfactory.

Minister George Hawkins totally ignored warnings from industry experts. He displayed such incompetence that Cullen had to step in, and finally the issue was totally removed from him.

Helen Clark denied there was a problem and said people were scare mongering and said the issue was a media beat-up on an issue of no substance.

Then their resolution service was set up so badly that it is looking to take 20 years to get through the backlog and each resolution is costing on average $108,000 (not compensation, just the cost of the bureaucracy to make a decision).

This week we have heard the leaky homes resolution service is putting on parties for their staff. That may get media attention, but is not the real scandal. The scandal is how badly George Hawkins fumbled this issue.

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