A moderate immigration policy

One of the lamentable side-effects of NZ First's posturing against immigration, and especially against non white immigrants, is how difficult it has made it to disagree with 's immigration policies, yet not be seen to be aligning yourself with the xenophobia of NZ First.

The current immigration service has to be in a competition with Corrections, NZQA and TEC for most dysfunctional agency. Let's not even mention the “lie in unison” scandal.

I have a fundamental belief that immigration is a good thing for NZ. However it does pose challenges – especially if the rate of immigration outstrips the ability of to cope.

And while immigration admittance should be blind to race, it should not be blind to their ability to contribute to New Zealand, and become New Zealanders.

The NZ Herald reports that the thrust of 's immigration will be a four year probationary period for new migrants. This means they can be deported if they break the law.

It seems a sensible solution to me. It will put an end to the endless NZ First horror stories about crimes committed by recent immigrants, which just serve to wind up ill-will against all immigrants. And it will not affect the vast majority of immigrants settle down and contribute positively to NZ.

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