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For a couple of weeks now I have been intrigued by the commentary of Dr Jon Johansson on the election. He is being quoted almost everywhere on who is doing well, who isn’t etc. And I had been surprised by how unfailing he was in praise of and and negative on Don Brash.

Now nothing wrong with people having their personal preferences, but when they get trotted out as a “neutral expert” every day then it is is not quite the required balance from media.

Of course it may just be that I am a partisan hack, and hence I had not acted on my instincts. But yesterday we had the candidates forum for school students at Vic Uni. The candidates were on after lunch and before lunch they had a ‘neutral briefing’ on each party and their policies by Dr Johansson. And when I turned up at lunchtime, not one but many students were complaining about how biased the ‘neutral briefing’ had been. So then I thought perhaps it isn’t just me, if even school students are picking this up.

So I went to my friend Google to see what Dr Johansson has to say on Helen Clark:

With Helen Clark, in contrast, you sense that although she’s in no doubt about what she believes in, she has decided what she’s willing to compromise in order to achieve what in her mind is the greater good.

So positive for lack of principle.

“I’m incredibly admiring of her taking off for overseas holidays. That is such a healthy behaviour in a political leader.”

Wow even approves of her holidays.

Victoria University political scientist Dr Jon Johansson said he was sure Ms Clark would have been appalled by the [Holocaust] comment.

And can speak on her behalf as to how offended she would be by a comment.

But perhaps he is equally generous to Don Brash. Let’s see firstly this interview with Salient:

One person not sold on the policy or integrity of Don Brash is Victoria University New Zealand Politics lecturer Jon Johansson. Johansson says the Orewa speech is the result of the

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