How about three hundred strikes and you’re out?

Many states in the US have a three strikes and you’re out law, which means that after three convictions you go to prison for most of your life.

Now this is somewhat over the top, but at the other end of the scale we have the case in NZ where Stacey Spinks has 340 convictions and has just been sentenced again to jail – but for only two years which means he may be out in eight months.

His latest crimes were committed the day he got released from prison last time.

So the question has to be asked – why is he not sent away for the maximum penalties available under the law so he is never released?

I mean surely after 300 convictions we can safely assume he is beyond redemption? Think of the misery he has caused to hundreds of families by being allowed to rob them time and time again?

Why do we tolerate a justice system that lets someone out after 300 convictions, when it it beyond doubt they will be offending again on the day of their release?

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