More on false rape allegations

The high profile rape allegation against an unnamed taxi driver has been found to be invented, as the complainant it seems did not even take a taxi. She has been charged with making a false complaint.

The sotyr mentions there are 450 people charged annually with making false complaints (of all sorts). The actual number of false complaints is probably a magnitude higher – it is disappointing the Police do not keep detailed statistics.

While far from official, a taxi company said nine out of ten complaints against taxi drivers are false. A lively thread last week debated a police claim that 60% to 80% are false.

It really is frustrating that there are no statistics kept along the lines of:

* No of total complaints made
* No of complaints where a person is charged and found guility
* No of complaints made where a person is charged and found not guilty
* No of complaints made where no charges laid
* No of complaints where Police are satisifed no crime occurred

Everyone is a loser when all we have is guesswork.

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