Naughty ACT

ACT have put up a billboard in Wellington Central which has made the news.

Now I have no problem at all with ACT saying give your party vote to ACT, and give National the candidate vote – especially in Wellington Central:-)

But where the problem lies, is that it is difficult to tell who authorised the billboard. Plus you really should not use an trademarked logo without permission. If the billboard said at the top “ACT says” and didn’t use the logo then I suspect no fuss. Of course ACT wants people to give your party vote to ACT, just as National wants people to give their party vote to National. The problem is people may think if they just see it as they go past that National is endorsing a call for people to give their party vote to ACT, which obviously would never happen (well if they were at 4.9999% in the polls I could be tempted).

Anyway I think the ACT people are actually very happy with the publicity the billboard has got from the complaint, so maybe it was all a cunning plan? 🙂

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