Own goal!

The SST has some leaked emails which show some ACT and BRT figures were giving advice to Don Brash on how to mount his leadership coup.

There is a massive irony is all this, as the rise of Don Brash has been seen as the biggest factor in the collapse of support for ACT. Ouch. Also the actual policy positions of National under Brash have been more towards the middle – almost no state assets sold, no housing NZ market rents, keeping the 39% tax rate etc.

A lot of people on the centre-right tend to take an interest in both ACT and National. Even though it is against National’s rules, I know many people who are or have been members of both.

When ACT had their leadership ballot last year, there were also Nats involved in at least one of the leadership campaigns.

A longer story with details of some of the emails is here.

I note the SST keeps using the term the “hard right” to describe some people. This just a silly term. Do they ever refer to left wign MPs as the “hard left”?

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