The great ACT auction

Act are fund-raising in an innovative way – they are auctioning off various memorabilia and goodies on Trade Me.

You can’t purchase their policies, but you can get the artwork for the policies. However the real highlight has to be a drive in the Alan Gibbs designed Aqua Car or Aquada.

Now thing if every party were to auction off goodies as fund-raisers. WHat could they auction off:

* Greens: A signed copy of Keith Locke’s essay supporting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and also to throw in a signed copy of his essay opposing the US liberation of Afghanistan

* NZ First: A copy of the parliamentary library issue card showing Winston Peters having borrowed Mein Kampf

* Labour: A Helen Clark signed painting

* National: A John Key designed tax calculator

* United Future: A St James bible signed by every MP except Marc Alexander

* Progressive: A 18 foot by 12 foot portrait of Jim Anderton

* Maori Party: A copy of the Treaty of Waitangi with the words “living partnership” added on in small tidy writing in the same font as the original.

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