The hammer case

Cases like the road rage hammer assault scare me. I can not comprehend how anyone can attack someone with a hammer, unless they are wanting to kill them.

Somewhat naively I hope I can go through life without being murdered by the usual common sense stuff of not getting involved in crime, living in a secure place, avoiding dangerous areas etc. But the hammer attack case scares me because that could happen to anyone – toot a horn at someone and the try to murder you.

I use the term murder because I believe he should be charged with attempted murder, not grievous assault. Smashing someone in the head repeatedly with a large hammer is highly likely to be fatal.

I am also somewhat alarmed he got granted bail, and hope the Police opposed this. To my mind you have to be a psychopath to try and murder someone over a road rage incident. I prefer not to have psychopaths out in the community. And I don’t give a damn if he did was on P or not – he is responsible for his actions.

The bail decision is even more puzzling when you consider the man turned himself in. So there is no question of mistaken identity, and the video footage shows him doing it.

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