The official Clark Brash Drinking Game

Tonight we have the first ever debate between the two contenders for Prime Minister – Helen Clark and Don Brash – on National Radio from 7 pm to 8 pm. We also have the party opening addresses on Tv One at 7.30 p.m.

To allow for more pleasurable viewing and listening, my flatmate and I present the official drinking game rules for the debate and/or the opening addresses.

Drink one sip if

Helen Clark mentions
* Working for Families
* Iraq
* Nuclear
* Better off with Labour
* Free interest on student loans
* More operations

or Don Brash mentions
* Tax Cuts for all working NZers
* Treaty of Waitangi
* Welfare Reform
* RMA means a road takes longer to get consent for than plan
* 600 people a week going to Australia

Drink two sips if

Helen Clark mentions
* David Lange
* Pledge card

Don Brash mentions
* Singapore
* One standard of citizenship
* how he used to be a peace protester

Drink three sips if

Helen Clark mentions
* George Hawkins
* Marian Hobbs
* Winston Peters

Don Brash mentions
* Winston Peters
* Iraq
* Nuclear
* Just a few farms

Drink the entire bottle if

Don Brash again says “The Prime Minister is absolutely correct”

Helen Clark says “You wouldn’t be wrong”

Drink everything you have if:

Helen Clark says “Of course I knew how fast we were going, I’m not stupid”

Don Brash says “Gone by lunchtime”

Suggestions for other rules can be made in the comments, and the better amongst them will be added to the official rules!

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