A really good way to piss me off

Can I ever so subtly suggest that certain people need to get a life, specifically those smug little pretentious gits who think it is terribly funny to spend all day yesterday asking why I had not posted on the Brethren issue.

As I had previously mentioned on the blog I was up in Auckland. I spent all day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in meetings (in fact chairing a meeting with Telcos on Enum and another meeting with ISPs and the Marketing Association on an anti-spam code of practice). I then flew back to Wellington at 8 pm, had all of oh around 20 minute break before I then had to work until after midnight. Then after getting up at 4.30 am this morning, I had some more work to do, and finally had time to start blogging at 7 am this morning.

So all those arrogant stuck up ******* who think they are being terribly funny, are not. You just really really piss me off and are quite pathetic. When working over 100 hours a week, your sense of humour is very limited with people suggesting you have not posted due to content, rather than oh you know being busy.

I don’t think I have ever shied away from covering an issue, no matter what its impact is. Hell I linked to and praised Labour’s gonebylunchtime website.

Anyway enough of a rant.

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