Southpark Conservatives

Phil on whoar links to an excellent article in the New York Times about Southpark Conservatives.

Phil thinks the right likes South Park because it has taken the piss out of Michael Moore and others, but think somehow I might be upset because they also took the piss out of the Republicans over the Terri Schiavo controversy.

I can only presume he missed this post on 2 April when I blogged approvingly about that exact episode. It was one of their best ones.

I like South Park because it is funny. I don’t care who it takes the piss out of, as long as they are funny doing that. Having said that it does tend to target “do gooders” on both the right and left, and as both equally annoy me I like it even more.

Likewise I love West Wing for the scripts and acting, not because I think Jed Bartlett’s policies are any good.

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